Here Comes Everybody

Now, here comes everybody
And who might this everybody be?
Might it be fair to say you who
You who see and me
All in all, there’s worlds to miss
But I trust there must
Be some use in this

Flurried words overheard
A thousand thundering thoughts
As you scurry off to scribe
Whatever goods could be caught
Embers smolder hearth-broken
Our dream has awoken
We fall and we wake
In the wake of daily falls
Unclear clarion calls
Coming from under the coveralls

What’s at the core?
Buried under love-torn lore
And gratuitously grandiose
Grandiloquent metaphor
What’s your whyforspeak?
Did you come to flap your gums
Or did you have something
In particular to quark about?
Did you come here to flow or simply to spout?
What if you take all you know
And turn it inside out?

Oh, here comes everybody
But do tell me exactly
Where this here might be?
Do you mean merely the spot upon which we stand?
This locale where the plot happened to land
Does here fling a ring with a thousand-mile girth?
Or does here encompass the whole of the Earth?
Have you ever been anywhere but here?
Doesn’t here always adhere
Accompanying you everywhere?
There is no here but you
You are here, here is you
And here comes everybody!

Anna once was was was
A pigment of imagination
Dispersing to dust upon examination
Livia is is is
Instants in short supply
Living and loving and laughing the lie
Plurabelle is to be to be
Tomorrow’s uncreated history
And here comes everybody
Recirculating eternity

Sad to hear, and sadder to live
This low joke of a narrative!
Here where artifice dances with art
She and he are just an essence apart
And here comes everybody
Every tale has a teller and tailor
Who dwell between the ears
And that’s the you and I of it
There is no here but you
You are here, here is you
And here comes everybody