Non Sequitur

Pogo stick
Wax and wick
Icy slick
Logistic tricks
Animated meat
Meet concrete street
Follow that clown
With the big red frown
Whichever verb
Does the noun

Triple stacked
Look, I’ve got eyes
On the back of my back
Kicking air
Is nothing there?
Build a moat around the I
Draw a bridge then wonder why
The fortress fails to edify

Yin yang
Finger bang
Sir you rang?
Hierarchical harangues
Jump? How high?
Well, scrape the sky
Leave when you stay
Squeeze the sun
From every day
Don’t know who will
Pay the bills
When we only
Work for play

What if poison is the cure
Oh, that’s pure non sequitur
Well well well are you sure?
The chance is one in ten
Now is morphing into then
Better confiscate their pens
Groovin’ on that grimoire grammar
Slam the gavel and jack the hammer
Correlate unrelated dates
Don’t stop to hesitate
Just hold your wait and activate

Kick the clock
Round the block
That joke’s debunked
The cost is sunk
And the potion’s drunk
On the fast-track
To a cul-de-sac
In the back
Of a jacked-up Cadillac
Be sure your big break
Don’t break you right back
Be sure your big break
Don’t break you right back

Word salad lightly tossed
Assonance the special sauce
Pre-sale clichès at half the cost
Scrabbled Yahtzee Boggle
Rocket moon boondoggles
Don infra-violet goggles
Helmet meet baton
Win the hamster marathon
Half-past time to imminent ties
The Eschaton
Imminent ties
The Eschaton
Imminent ties
The Eschaton