Truth Is A Goat

Truth is a goat
Herded though the desert
By gruff bearded keepers
Bearing hooked and wooden sticks

Truth is a goat
Stubborn and unyielding
Scaling the mountain
In search of itself

Truth ruts with gusto
And butts heads
With other truths
Eager to breed
And spread their seed
In temples and confessional booths

Truth grazes on fiery gazes
Fixed on a stony creed
Written on truth’s tanned skin
Where it says knowledge
Is wrapped up in sin

Holiness bellows
A hollow trumpet sound
Through the severed horns of truth
Sacrificed in the name of the name
Bleating guilt
And bleating shame
Blurting truths
Broken and tame
Oh beware if anyone dares
Say these goats are all the same

Truth is a goat
And no one seems to raise goats anymore
It’s all sacred cows
And lambs to the slaughter
Dancing to steepletop bells
Just as well
For truth’s coming around the mountain
On a steep vertical crag
Where no biped dares to tread
Wild and unkempt terrain
Truth that won’t stay in a single head
Or remain in pickled brains

Tuth is a goat
As old as the hills
Living on quotes
Getting by on cheap thrills
Hooves split asunder
And never quite still
Unafraid of thunder
Hungry unfulfilled
Kind of makes you wonder
If the old goat really knows
And if we ever will
If we ever will
If we ever will