Djinn You Win

With a breath does it begin
Djinn origin original Djinn
Invisibly indivisible
Djinn origin original Djinn
As the serpent sheds another skin
Djinn origin original Djinn
Exposing hidden dimensions within
Djinn origin original Djinn!
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Pass The Confusion

Yes, I’d like to Order Chaos, with an extra bun
As I am a very strict heretical Discordian nun
Buns are forbidden for some stupid reason
By my very Sirius-ly disorganized religion

Yes, let us roast and toast the Sacred Chao
Cause now is Zen and Zen is now
Step right up and select your illusion
Hail Eris and pass the confusion!
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Golden Apple

Once a couple withheld an invitation
From Eris due to Her bad reputation
They wanted to host a quiet affair
And thought it best if She weren’t there

The Goddess of Discord took great offense
Tired of always being barred from events
Her social calendar in complete disarray
With nothing at all to do on that day
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Ghost Writer Boogie

I met him pike hoses
In protean pantomimes
Where the meta juxtaposes
And where the mystery rhymes

It takes a special kind of crazy
To host a ghost in stride
Ride you like a pale pookah
Down to the séance inside
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Here Comes Everybody

Now here comes everybody
And who might this everybody be?
It might be fair to say you who
You who see and me
All in all, there’s worlds to miss
But I trust there must be some use in this

Flurried words overheard
A thousand thundering thoughts
As you scurry to scribe
Whatever good could be caught
Embers smolder hearth-broken
Our dream has awoken
We fall and we wake
In the wake of daily falls
Unclear clarion calls
Coming from under the coveralls
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Sugar Coated

I’m not trying to rise to sainthood
Nor vying for a Nobel prize
I plan to be good and misunderstood
So here’s a word or two for the wise

My miracles are mighty meager
Y’all better bring your own wine
Yes, I’ve been known to walk on water
But only in the winter time
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Trojan Horse

Fire in the wax museum
Effigies melting down
But the fever’s just a symptom
Of what’s ailing this town

The fountain’s spoutin’ oil
The mountain’s slick with grease
The river’s fixin’ to boil
And the valley knows no peace
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Inkblot Kettlepot

Oh, scenes of the future, beckoning the past
And there’s no reckoning if this new hope will last
Not much sense dwelling in dreams
But I harbor no doubt what that was about
For I spell out what frequently seem
Obvious omens rippling in the stream
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Hippies & Quotidians

Hippies and quotidians
Pentagons and Discordians
Primates of all ages and evolutionary stages
On the nonstop red-eye express from the womb to the tomb
The ride of our lives aboard the great vehicle
This plane’s been hijacked we’re under attack
And if you didn’t already know that
I’m afraid you don’t know Jack
We begin with a breath and end in a gasp
And that’s as much as some may grasp
Nothing to mourn, we’re all Being reborn
And that which clings will surely be torn

So how did we happen to meet at this play
And what’s this madman trying to say
About this Original Joke anyway?
Something to do with discord shaking dreams to the core
And how awarding some dumb apple once started a war
For a door cracked open on an incredible deed
Predictably undone by vanity and greed
Between the lines there’s plenty to read
As inside every apple reside infinite seeds

The difference between comedy and tragedy
Is primarily a matter of proximity
After the laughter has faded we’ll see
That levity is just the flip side of gravity
Oh, yes, a big cosmic joke, and we’re the butts
So not being crazy would be a little bit nuts
But if anything’s greater than the reaper’s grim rap
It’s the capacity to greet it with humor intact
Sometimes I’m racking up my frequent crier miles
So won’t you excuse me while I repaint my smile