Helter Shelter

Part One: The Storm

It was Friday the 13th
The Ides of March
They closed the world for the weekend
Three weeks, three months, three years
Are they ever gonna open it up again?
They closed the world for the weakened
And filled the air with pathological predictions
Filled our nightmares with cataclysmic visions
The models fled down the runway
Clad in invisible robes
They dropped the Apocalypse like a movie release
This operation is a masterpiece
A bio-tech cyber-war with a screenwriter’s design
Lies fly and ten times circle the globe
While the truth is still waiting in line
And we may be mightier than the mountain
But man, we’re no match for the microbe

Well, turn on the tube
Nothing else to do
Such a hurricane
Washing brains of the sensible and profane
Rebelling in vain
As reality hydroplanes
Splashing rain on every parade
As every priority was summarily reweighed
A numerical universe, made of charts
At which epidemiologists launched their darts
And ooh how they flew!
Streaming horror from the CDC and the WHO
A million here and a billion there
Soon the virus will be everywhere!

Forced quarantine and seven fears ago
Twenty-four hours a day
Agenda 21
Hindsight 2020
Event 201
The Crimson Contagion
Watch what you think
404 Redirect on all your links
Giving up living will keep you alive
Double-plus-un-good in the neighborhood
Do you want to be sick?
Or well? Orwell?
We’ve been here before, it’s 1984
It’s not really a metaphor
And the Nightly Newspeak frightens us more
Than we ever imagined being before

Breaking news
Freak out on cue
If it bleeds it leads
Breaking news
‘Cause the headline is all anyone reads
Breaking news
Break the spirit
Break the mind
Break any hope
The science might find
Heads the plutocrats win
Tails the rest of us lose
So watch as the body count piles high
Don’t you know the end is nigh
Breaking news!
Everyone you know is gonna die
Eventually, you know.
The infection fatality rate for your own DNA is 100%.
True Story.

The Saints of Scientism:
St. Fauci, St. Birx, St. Ferguson, St. Brilliant
Making miracles of molehill mountain ranges
Upon their Bulls the New Abnormal changes
Infallible, anointed, prophets of the new status quo
How do we know?
Cause So-and-So Said So
Can I get an Amen and say it again?
If you can come with one study you can come up with two,
So what’s the point of waiting for peer review?

Is it a Pandemic or a Dem Panic?
Planned out fanned out hypnotic magic trick?
Cause we all know it’s the system that’s sick…
Quarantine, know what I mean?
Shelter Skelter
Helter Shelter
Operation Stockholm Syndrome
Taking liberties with our liberties
But they’re shoving us in bed with our enemies
Flatten the curve! Burn out your nerves!
Go home and have your kids make masks
We’ve got three different answers
For any sort of question you’d ask
And here come the nurses
Drawing semi-trailer hearses
We’d all better stop what we’re doing
Drop whatever dreams you were pursuing
Lower the lights and shift goalposts around
Until we drive those spikes deep down in the ground
You ain’t going anywhere
There isn’t even any there there

Quarantine, keep your mind clean
All right, this here is a belated trigger warning
A heads-up to all the germaphobes
And socially distanced finger-waggers
State apologists, bootlickers, and hall monitors
You might want to avoid this one like the plague
Just like some of the key players in this sordid tale
Would be well advised to stay away from the Hague
You might catch an ill whiff of controversy
And you’re fed up to here with crazy conspiracies
Maybe you’ve been immunized against ideas like these
Yeah, maybe you’re addicted to numbers but averse to math
Maybe you’re still trembling from the virus’s wrath
And your brain’s been washed in the television bath
It’s okay. I forgive you. You knew not what you did.