Helter Shelter

It was Friday the 13th
The 13th of March
The Ides of March
They closed the world for the weekend
Beware the Ides of March
It’s a good day for a coup
Coo-coo! Coo-Coo!
Wake up! It’s time to go to sleep!
If you can’t be unconscious
You can try counting sheep

Forced quarantine and several fears ago
Twenty-four hours a day
Event 201
Agenda 21
Hindsight 2020
The enemy unseen
Beware the Crimson Contagion!
The novel virus, made out of words
It came from the bats, or so we heard
Just down the road from the biological lab
Ten new commandments on a branded slab
Anything the “experts” happened to grab
SARS-CO-V-2 aka The Wuhan Flu
It’s the end of anything else you wanted to do

They closed the world for the weekend
Then the plot went completely around the bend
As every momentum was made to suspend
The entire globe summarily penned
Watching the long arm of the law extend
Three weeks, three months, three rolls of TP
That’s nothing to sneeze at
Caught between tomorrow and yesterday
Gesundheit! Stay six feet at bay!
Three lifetimes wasting and waiting away
May as well turn on the telescreen
See what else they can pin on that rat-bastard Goldstein
Is it lysol or bleach or hydroxychloroquine?
You’re with us or the virus
And there’s no in between

Helter Shelter
Operation Stockholm Syndrome
But please, let’s not talk about Sweden
Love your jailer
And lock yourself in your home
Here comes Big Tech Big Brother
Stalking your contacts wherever you roam
Say, you’ve had a little bit too much to think
We’ve placed a 404 Redirect on all your links
Two plus two? You plus you?
Oh, everyone knows: that’s five!
The best time to leave is before you arrive
Giving up living will keep you alive
Double-plus-un-good in the neighborhood
Do you want to be sick? Or well? Orwell?
We’ve been here before, back to 1984
No, it’s not really a metaphor
And the Nightly Newspeak rattles us more
Than we ever imagined mattering before

The blitz hit…
It hit…
Like a hammerhead hurricane
Wash your hands, we’ll wash your brains
As the rest of reality hydroplanes
Splashing rain on every parade
What can we do to make you afraid?
The phantom menace you can’t evade
Cue up the troupes of dancing nurses
With tacky Tik-Tok routines
Then pan to scenes
Of them hauling semi-trailer hearses

Breathless…Breaking news
Freak out on cue
If it bleeds, it leads
Breaking news
Since the headline is all anyone ever reads
Break the spirit
Break the mind
Break any hope
The curious might find
Heads the technocrats win
Tails the the rest of us lose
Rubberneck while bodies pile high
Don’t you know the end is nigh?
Breathless…Breaking news!
Everyone you know is gonna die
Eventually, you know…
The infection fatality rate for your own DNA is 100%.
True Story.

Oh, the models fled down the runways
Clad in invisible robes
Mightier than any monument, but meek unto the microbe
Lies fly and ten times circle the globe
While the truth is still waiting in line
A bio-tech cyber-war with a screenwriter’s design
Filling the air with pathological predictions
And imposing a set of draconian restrictions
Tugging at our nightmares with cataclysmic visions
This psy-op is an absolute masterpiece
They dropped the Apocalypse like a movie release
Bombing the flatlands with inscrutable charts
At which doctor doomsayers launched their darts
No one knows what anyone knew
Confusion streaming from the CDC and the WHO
A million here and a billion there
Soon the profits will be everywhere!
Someone unlocked Pandora’s shabby old box
Guarding the henhouse like a ravenous fox

All bow down before the Saints of Scientism:
Gathered before the dirty windows of the great Pearly Gates
St. Fauci, St. Birx, St. Ferguson, St. Brilliant
Making mayhem of molehill mountain ranges
Blind your eyes as the scenery changes
Immunity? That’s a conspiracy theory…
Freedom? That’s selfish! Back to seclusion!
Where’s your terror? Ivermectin? Unproven!
Hold still for your miracle GMO Frankenjections!
And don’t you dare ask any awkward questions!
How do we know?
Cause So-and-So Said So…
Can I get an Amen and say it again?
There’s a tent revival at the Church of Big Pharma
Trust the Science and parrot the dogma
Did you say “the science”?
I think it’s pronounced, “compliance.”

Breaking news
They’re covering up the clues
PCR cycles and T cell truths
Censoring any sort of alternative views
Any word of a cure or an option to choose
Tonight’s gaslight brought to you courtesy of our sponsors
Gangs of well-funded pharmaceutical mobsters
People are breathless…
The projections are breathless
The prescription is madness
The lockdown is endless
Folks, we don’t know what we’re dealing with here
But trust the experts and put your faith in fear
You better stop whatever you’re doing
For the cases are accruing
And nothing’s more lethal than ordinary air
You ain’t going anywhere
There isn’t even any there there…

Yes, we must, we must,
We must invest our trust
In mighty science which turns cities to dust
In radiant Marie Curie, and DDT,
And filling our teeth with mercury
Can you spot the difference
Between science and technology?
Consensus and gunpoint choreography?
The art of knowledge and an ivory tower degree?
Pharmaprop and genuine inquiry?
You’ll find it if you just follow the money
Never mind those scientists who don’t agree…
They’ll be memory-holed for their heresy
There’s nothing to see here
And nothing here to see

You’ve got to hand it to the NWO
Those conspiracy kooks called it decades ago
But it’s one of those things you think,
You think
No, that’s never really gonna fly
And once it happens you wonder why
For global domination’s not some new occupation
If it’s not an emperor, it’ll be corporations
Chasing megalomania in each generation
What’s really novel is the ammunition
They made the virus into a religion
Communion with biotech innovation
And came with their brand for the whole population
Programming disguised as mass vaccination
And we all want to breathe again
Who doesn’t want to breathe?
Free or otherwise?